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Disability is not a character trait

The representation of disability in film and television: it’s time to stop the stereotypes. A 2011 report from the World Health Organization found that 15% of the global population lives with some form of disability. That’s a pretty sizable chunk, and one that should be hard to ignore. Yet, for the most part, this is what Britain’s mainstream media continues to do. In 2017, the Office of Communications (Ofcom) revealed that a mere three percent of employees at the UK’s five main broadcasters

'Retail is in crisis' - city streets littered with empty shops as more stores close

IT IS a bleak situation in Brighton’ s Duke Street. A stone’s throw from the seafront and a short walk from the railway station, it was once one of the city’s most sought-after retail spaces. But it is now home to a string of empty shops. And it is not the only part of the city where this is the case. Other central shopping streets have many apparently abandoned shops. This week The Argus also walked along Western Road, London Road and through North Laine to see the extent of the problem.

How cold water sea swimming is helping our health

SWIMMING in the cold sea off Brighton probably doesn’t appeal to many Australians, who are used to rather warmer water. But for one, it has proved a real lifesaver. Melodie, a communications worker, who asked not to use her surname, says sea swimming helped her combat a mental breakdown she had two years ago. The 34-year-old, who lives in Kemp Town, said: “I was working in London in a fast-paced, male-dominated job where the management team would think you didn’t know anything because you wer

Argus reporter challenges one of UK's top charity shops to find him an outfit for £20

FASHION bible Vogue has just named its favourite UK charity shops and a Brighton store is among them. I love a bargain. Most people I know do. The flicker of a yellow reduced sticker on my favourite food at the supermarket sends my mind into overdrive. Boring? Yes. True? Most definitely. As a result, charity shops are a natural port of call when looking to update my wardrobe. Now, I’m not the most fashion-savvy man in the world. Far from it in fact. My shelves are stacked with jeans and wo

'I bravely took on Brighton's biggest breakfast'

I EAT a lot. Always have and probably always will. As a result my lunches have become somewhat legendary in The Argus office for not only their size but also their mass. A couple of kilograms of pasta salad here, six sandwiches there, you get the picture. It was this excessive eating that led my news editor to volunteer me to take on the Truckload Challenge at Wheelies Cafe Diner in Portslade. An intimidating plate packed with two fried eggs, three bacon rashers, three sausages, baked beans,

Customer shocked after being called a 'c**t' by cafe following complaint

A CUSTOMER was “taken aback” when he was sworn at after criticising the service. Neil Masey was unimpressed by Marwood Bar and Coffeehouse during a recent visit and voiced his opinions on social media. But he did not expect to receive a foul-mouthed response. The Ovingdean resident was disappointed with his trip to the cafe in Brighton’s Ship Street. He took a seat and decided to air his views on Facebook, stating he “didn’t like it here very much”. He wrote: “I don’t know why I’m here. “I

VICE - The Truth About People with 'Strawberry-Blonde' Hair

A memorable story will often focus on an individual who has triumphed over adversity. With that in mind: welcome, reader, to the story of my life. I have successfully endured a 21-year existence in the hair colour limbo between ginger and blonde; I have managed to spend over two decades living in the purgatory that is strawberry-blonde. I was born relatively normal. Bright-eyed and bald. The standard infant aesthetic. It was only when my hair began to sprout that my family knew something was wr

Woman beat cancer, survived brain surgery, and learned to walk again - now she's a champion body builder

A WOMAN who was told she would never walk again has defied the odds by becoming a world champion bodybuilder. When Jo Morrison was 26 she was diagnosed with advanced aggressive cervical cancer and later suffered a brain tumour, meaning she lost the ability to walk. But Jo, who lives in Brighton, taught herself to get back on her feet. Not satisfied with that, she took her fitness to a whole new level – and has now won the Pure Elite World Championships Female Transformation Category. Jo, fro

Heroic lifeguard dives into raging sea to save barely conscious swimmer

The beach-loving 47-year-old became a lifeguard about five years ago, moving down to Brighton after a decade as a teacher in Ringmer. He had fallen in love with the coast after going to university in Portsmouth, and decided it was time for a career change after the death of his father, which he said “changed my perspective on life”. “I just like being outside, on the beach, and I’m working with a lot of like-minded people - sea people,” he explained. But he was not to know that his knowledge

Botched barnets and family reunions: 100 days of lockdown in pictures

LOCKDOWN has not been easy. Here at The Argus, we have witnessed first hand the devastation this virus has caused, speaking to those who have been directly affected by the lives it has claimed, the businesses it has tested and the countless number of other challenges it has presented. But, even in the midst of all this darkness, the beautiful people of Brighton and Hove have, as ever, managed to find some light. With Tuesday marking the 100th day of lockdown, we asked readers to share wits us

Treat A Cough With Honey, Not Antibiotics, Health Experts Say

It’s a sad state of affairs when your nose does more cardio than you do, but a runny one can really ruin your day. Suggested cures for the common cold and accompanying cough have been wild in their variety, from Ribena-based home remedies to takeaways. However, a new guide published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE) has suggested a far simpler cure for a sore throat. They suggest that using honey or similar over-the-counter medicine

How Hard Should You Be Going At The Gym?

While circuit training and HIIT workouts have changed the way many of us train, it seems that the best workouts are still the ones designed to dismantle our ego and leave us begging for the end. But is this the most efficient way to hit your fitness goals? One trainer disagrees completely. This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Firas Zahabi, head coach at MMA training

Desert Mountain Tribe – ‘Wide Eyes’

Indie-rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe release ‘Wide Eyes’, the debut single from their upcoming second album, ‘Om Parvat Mystery’. A quick bit of research revealed that Om Parvat is a sacred mountain in the Himalayan mountain range. A quick listen to their latest single revealed it to be an impressive, smoothly produced start to a second album that can’t come soon enough. So, two things are certain. These guys like mountains, this fact isn’t up for debate. However, they also come together to c

A Sit Down with Suzi Island

Amid a hectic schedule including the impending release of their debut single, Show me the Way, on 23 March, and a string of live shows, alt-rock outfit Suzi Island (made up of Hugh Reilly-Smith and Matt Carter) found time to answer a few of my questions. Hi guys, am I alright to dive straight in? The name Suzi Island, where did it come from? Matt: Originally, we were looking for a band name. We’ve had quite a lot of bands in the past, and usually we go for something a bit more personal, but t